Saturday, 8 April 2006 § Leave a comment

I do not want to start my first day with my boredom of work, but somehow this is a topic I can think of now. Image Smiling, I feel much better now.

Almost every single days in the last two weeks, I felt really bored, not of work, but colleauges, honestly.

Some jobs got stuck, stopped and delayed because I had to wait for someone who had never given response, and kept me waiting for an update like an idiot! Not even that, I was left talking alone in e-mail correspondence.

(I solved this never-been-responded situation by assuming that everyone in the correspondence acknowledged and I did my best by keeping them posted in everything I was doing. Do not ask for more!)

Some colleauges were too demanding and could not keep their words of not doing this and going to do that. Then I almost became a bad guy requesting things for them with our Account Dept.

(I solved this by asking them to request Account Dept themselves. They were copied in those e-mails we talked about payment for software jobs before! I had taken parts of my fault and complaints first time but not any if that would not be because of me.)

Someone seemed not to get a big picture of the company’s business, but their own department. They did everything to keep only their department happy. Although I understood why they did so, I did not think that was the best way as we were living in a society, neither alone nor in a small group. How dare they said that nothing would be done during Thailand’s public holidays, while other countries (Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong) were in working days. Everyone had to stop working and wait for only them? Wanted to send them to study B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S!

(I did not solve this though as I was not really in trouble and did not care what they ordered us NOT TO DO! I would do whatever I wanted if my customers would want anything.)

Well, the above should be parts of the boredom, I guess (why guess?). Gotta go now. I am leaving for home (at mum’s office now).



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