Manage Colours*

Sunday, 9 April 2006 § Leave a comment

There are 4 colours in total, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

RED: Fast Pace and Task Orientated
RED/ Strengths: Practical, Strong willed, Decisive, Efficient, Desires change, Competitive, Independent, High Ego stength
RED/ Improvement Opportunities: Domineering, Pushy, Impatient, Attacks first, Tough, Harsh

YELLOW: Fast Pace and People Orientated
YELLOW/ Strengths: Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Persuasive, Animated, People oriented, Talkative, Stimulatin, Influencing
YELLOW/ Improvement Opportunities: Emotionist, Undisciplined, Excitable, Reactive, Disorganised, Vain, Manipulative

GREEN: Slow Pace and Task Orientated
GREEN/ Strengths: Perfectionist, Accurate, Persistent, Serious, Orderly, Cautious, Analytical, Logical approach
GREEN/Improvement Opportunities: Critical, Stuffy, Picky, Judgemental, Fears criticism, Needs information, Sensitive

BLUE: Slow Pace and People Orientated
BLUE/ Strengths: Supportive, Agreeable, Contented, Calm, Amiable, Thorough, Dependable
BLUE/ Improvement Opportunities: Unsure, Awkward, Possessive, Insecure, Resistant to change, Slow to make a decision

The two highest in scale plotted in a graph are one’s colour. I got Red (first highest) and Blue (next highest). I am Red/Blue.

How about having your boss who is soooooooooo ‘Green,’ while you are sooooooooo ‘Red?’

I also reckon that the boss might be Blue/Red or Green/Red, not Red/Green as he is now though. He is too slow in making some decisions when needed (gossipping, gossipping.. :p). Thus, when talking or asking him to decide on something, sometimes I felt awkward and I would leave that with him till I forgot and he recalled about that himself.

The main reason of doing the colour test and know our colours is so that we can manage our colours in different situations. We all have all four colours, more or less. Just need to manage them and use a colour at the right and proper time.

Well, I tried to manage my Red though I could do so only in a short period, say a week or two (cannot make it ‘always’).

I am thinking of re-doing the colour test (we should do it every year to see the changes of colours we are). The colours can be changed when time passed by. Perhaps my Red is higher than last time!

Well.. that is it for today.


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