Last Working Day of the Week*

Wednesday, 12 April 2006 § Leave a comment

Half-day work today because we had a small party for our coming Thai Traditional New Year, known as Songkran Days. Thailand have holidays on 13th – 14th April (Thursday and Friday). Then I have 4 connective days for relaxing :D

Planned to help my colleague with her translation about economics but I have finished it just now. Instead, I will help my mum’s colleauge for another translation about cosmetics, which I have finished some parts. Even so, I still have more time to do something else. Hopefully, I could finish it tomorrow, and that is it.

I will spend the other 3 holidays as my ‘real’ holidays.. hehee. No need to work on anything (I may have to check my office e-mail regularly anyway because other countries are working on those days).

Really, feel like I need a rest now. Quite sleepy, and tired because I did translate the economic things since early morning (0700hrs) till an hour before now (around 1530hrs).

During the period, I also had to walk to a supermarket to get some pints of ice-cream for a small party held in the office, go to a shop on the ground floor to get some ice, prepare almost all stuffs to be ready for every staff to start eating right away, etc.

… Feel more like I am a maid now… Sigh.. Sick of it, honestly! This is not me.

Anyway, also feel like I need Starbucks, Iced Grande Latte Low-Fat Milk, no syrup!!!!!!!!! Aggghhhh…..

P. S. My company had a small Thai new year party today. We had lunch and splashed some water with joys. I am still full and soaked!


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