One Job I Do Not Like*

Wednesday, 12 April 2006 § Leave a comment

Come to this issue finally.

At least, I know one thing about myself now. I dislike being an Office Supervisor. This is totally different from a Sales Administrator I have been doing!

Sales Administraion is more on documents; and co-ordination between sales representatives, customers, suppliers (sometimes), third parties (agencies, for instance), and back-office.

Office Administration is about people (HR-insurance, salary, social benefits, annual leaves, etc.), office space and facilities (cars, desks, cupboards, chairs, photocopiers, etc.–uncountable) as well as some other tiny things that nobody wants to take care of (which includes labouring, and serving all staff).

Ones will never feel like I do now if they are service-minded and always-smiling kind of people. Sorry, I am not!

Servicing people (except the ones I am willing to do, but only a few); people asking non-sense questions; people requesting things they are not supposed to be rewarded; people expecting to be given but never giving out; people complaining about every little thing; etc. ………………….. ALL BORE ME!!!!!

Say, I may not like working too close to people, esp only internal people. I can work with people, but not only people that I have to work with. Systems, procedures, teams, third parties, and English are important to me as well.

Although I mentioned that English is important, working in Office Administration here does not give much chance for me to use English. I think I am getting worse English than earlier. Really! Really! Really!

I have learnt many things after having been working here for over 3 years. Perhaps it is time (again) to go forward.

BTW, possibly, I may also not like working in a hotel or a place that I have to extremely please customers and people. That is too much!


P. S. Previously, I thought I may have not liked purchasing, but I aint sure now. I may like it if I have a chance to work more into it. I see my friend who is working for Sabrina in Procurement Dept and she enjoys her work much.



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