Finally, Both Translations Have Been Done!*

Friday, 14 April 2006 § Leave a comment

Hurey.y.y.. I have finished the other of my translation (Thai-Engish). This one was about cosmetics such as facial cream, scrub cream, AHA. I had to translate about some ingredients of these products as well.

I have learnt some new English words. Let me list some here.

– deteriorate
– hydroscopic
– shed
– exfoliate
– tarnish

Some words from the translation about economics for my colleague that I finished yesterday.

– coefficient (mathematics term)
– depreciation (accounting term)
– augment
– vertical specialisation (economic term)
– income elasticity (economic term)

Those are not all I got from these two translations, but they are what I could think of now at this late at night.. Haha (I try to blame on time, but actually, I just cannot remember them all!).

Well, I did both jobs with no money in return. I just felt like doing it :D They made me recall of my old days in a university while I was studying B. A. (Translation) and suffering doing my assignment. LOL.

They also helped brush up my skill. Translation is something one has to practise. I enjoyed doing this. Although I felt a bit stressed some time, excitement and stress colour my life, heart and soul (innit?). Without them, I may be dull and indifferent.

By the way, I am now sitting on a sofa with a laptop of my uncle, typing this post. My cousin is working on her translation too. Hers is about car engine. It seems she is going to stay overnight in order to finish it! :o

I may go to bed first, so that I can wake up tomorrow morning and post this to my Yahoo 360 :D Most importantly, I am sleepy now (should wait for around 20 minutes till my hair is dry) :(((

Oh, well..

P. S. Perhaps it is a good idea to list all new words I know everyday here, eh? :)
P. P. S. If anybody needs my assistance on English-Thai translation, let me know and see if I can help, k? :p
P. P. P. S. As I had time tonight, I left a long message today.


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