‘Seasons’ in My Heart*

Tuesday, 18 April 2006 § Leave a comment


Rains were showering

Wind was blowing

And.. I was shedding tears like rains

All happened but yesterdays, not todays… Hopefully, not tomorrows


Rains come and go

Sky is cloudy and then shiny, even with rainbows

And.. My face is full of tears and then a bunch of smiles, though

Hardly has this World one season, and neither has my heart

… So? …

Sadness will not last long, and so will happiness

One day, you can be with loads of depressions and tears.. rainy

Next day, you may be full of esctasies and warmths.. summer

Another day, delight and cordiality you have got might be fading away.. autumn

Then, you could be overwhemled by loneliness and coldness, say.. winter

Again, TIME will be re-colouring your heart with joys each day.. spring

Nothing lasts long, and so do ‘seasons’ in my heart.


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