Wrong Since Born As a Girl*

Wednesday, 19 April 2006 § Leave a comment

This should be what my mum has been thinking. What did she do wrong born to be a girl, a daughter of her mother’s (ya, ya, my grandmother)?

It was not her who decided to which gender she would be, but the chromosomes X and Y from her parents, wasn’t it? Scientifically, the Y is what to decide a gender of a foetus. Y makes a boy, while X makes a girl.

Not my mum’s fault!!!

Luckily, I was born to be my mum’s daughter as I am now. No gender discrimination. I believe even she had another kids who were boys, she would not pre-judge her children by gender. She knows how it feels being treated as inferior!

Mum, please do not care about the discrimination. Although your mother loves you less than she loves your brothers (yes, my uncles), you are loved by me, your daughter.

Is that okay, mum? I love you..

I realised how much I love my mother when I saw her cry. Just her shaking voice showing her tears were dropping from her eyes made me shed my tears. I do not want to see her cry. My mother usually expresses her mental and physical strengths. She dislikes me crying.

To me today, it is better to hear her complain. She really complains every day.. LOL Image I mean every SINGLE day… Haha..

The trick is I just listen quietly and patiently to whatever she is talking (yes, yes.. I mean complaining) and leave her like talking to herself for a while.. Then she will stop and change to another topic. If I argue, she will shout more and more (well, some time I cannot keep quiet… both of us were born on Sunday, remember?).

Then…… the world will be in peace… Hehee.. Image I learnt this from experience. We have argued A LOT before.

P. S. Back to work again tomorrow.. Sigh.. But well, work for two more days and then it is another weekend! Image


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