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Finally, today is Friday. It seems I am counting to holidays these days. Yes, that is because of my boredom still persists.


Thanks God It’s Friday!

Although my mum is working tomorrow (I have to drive her to work and be with her all day), I can do something while waiting. I am going to have a relaxing weekend.

Saturday: I will tour Yahoo 360 and Yahoo Answers, reading friends’ blogs and answering people’s questions. Image

Sunday: My mum planned to go to a beach. She said perhaps we will go, but I know she wanted to go because she has prepared foods for having at the beach already (but still say ‘perhaps.’ LOL) .. Surely, we go, mum.

Well, I am not only counting the boring, but also the enjoying! I am going to attend an Open House session of Colleage of Management, Mahidol University (CMMU) that will introduce about courses they provide for studying.

I am interested in a Master’s Degree programme in Innovation in Management (IM). It sounds more interesting than General Management (GM).

I got some infomation on IM and GM and to me, IM is great! Dealing more with a business system is more attractive than with people!!!! People’s minds are much more complicated to cope with.

Next Sunday I will go for the Open House and see how Marketing and Management (MM) and Financial Management (FM) are like.

It is worth getting all information before I choose to spend two years and finish a management programme with CMMU.

Oh.. oh.. oh.. I have to check now what documents I need for applying for a programme with this college, so that I can apply right away next Sunday. Good that I wrote about it here today, or I would forget!!

Anyone who is reading this and has a little time to look through all four programmes (click on the abbreviated), I would much appreciate your suggestions about each programme.

I mean it! Thanks loadssssssss…….

P. S. Hey, mum. It seems you are much, much more confident with my driving, huh? Ask me out every weekend.. Hahaa.. Image Confess, mum, confess please. I know you like my driving though you complain a bit here and there every day. Image Hehee… You are prepared for a beach on Sunday, eh? I am ready too. Let’s go!

P. P. S. Do you like my slippers?


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