Blood Donation*

Saturday, 22 April 2006 § Leave a comment

Hahaa.. this is the third post for today Image I should have started with this one actually.. cos it was the first thing I did today.

Finally, I let my mum know that I wanted to donate my blood. However, she thinks this is my first time, but actually it is the ninth! :p Did not want to make her worried. She always thinks I am weak and have low blood-pressure, while I am strong (rarely get ill) and have normal blood pressure. THIS IS A WAY A MOTHER IS LIKE Image HER KID IS THE MOST VULNERABLE PERSON IN THE WORLD. Hehee…

Watching a TV talkshow about Thalassemia, I even more realised how important my blood is to other people, while it is not a big deal for me to donate 300-400 cc of my blood. As my bone marrows produce new blood every 3 month, if I do not donate my blood, it will be uselessly moved out of my body with my urine anyway.

However, to permanently cure patients with Thalassemia, I need to donate my red blood cells. They will be used only when they are acceptable by patients’ body and immune systems. This makes them re-born!

Previously I did the donation once a year or only when I had a chance. Now, I planned to do it every 3 month. Like today, it was the ninth after the eighted in last 3 months.

My blood type is A Rh+. If anyone needs it, let me know three months in advance Image My next donation is 22nd July 2006.

For Thais who want to know more about blood donation, including do’s and don’t’s before donating blood, in Thailand, click here.


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