About a Book*

Monday, 24 April 2006 § Leave a comment

How do you select a book?By its cover?
By its colours and pictures?
By its character and font size?
By its price and language?
By its content and knowledge you will get?
.. Or else? What else?

How thorough you look at a book when you think of buying one for reading?

Some books have very nice hard covers with attractive multi colours, but the characters are too small and the price is too high. Perhaps there is nothing much inside. It sells its own outside look.

They are selling their looks, not their hearts and souls.

Some books have plain covers with four colours or less, plus the ancient characters and old-look paper. However, the content inside may be more fascinating, unlike the outside.

They are selling their contents, the hearts of them.

Some books were written in an own native language, but too difficult to understand. Seemingly, they were made up for someone else suitable to them, but not you.

On the contrary, some books were written in another second language you know, but you could understand them easily. They are made up for you.

Again, some books contain very knowledgeable content, but they are too complicated; while some books include the same knowledge with an easier explanation.

Which one will you choose?

To me, I prefer a book with…….

– a small number of straightforward pictures (but no abstracts please),

– black and white (black is my favourite colour),

– paperback or recycle paper (so that I can give the Earth in return),

– understandable language and content (I do not want to have a headache before I can finish a book),

– interesting from the inside, not only the outside (otherwise, I will get bored since the first glance on the first page of the book), and

– all for now (tell you later when I can think of more Image)

……. Well, perhaps I should compose my own book to fit my needs.. hehee Image

How about you?


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