Innovation in Management*

Sunday, 30 April 2006 § Leave a comment

I have made my decision that I will apply for a programme of Master of Innovation in Management at College of Management, Mahidol University (CMMU).

Attending the Open House (programme introductory session held by CMMU) again today (first time was in March), I was in Marketing and Management (MM), as well as Innovation in Management (IM) sessions.

So all in all, I have the whole ideas of what MM, IM and GM (General Management) are about. And.. surely then I can choose what I believe I like and I want to know more.


The programme includes the followings courses.

  1. Principles of Management
  2. Information Systems for Management
  3. Thai Economy in the Global Context
  4. Financial Planning and Control
  5. Strategic Marketing Management
  6. Project Management
  7. Decistion Skills
  8. Enterprise Resource Management
  9. Information Exploitation (or Business Intelligence)
  10. Corporate Strategy and Performance
  11. Customer Relationship Management
  12. Supply Chain Management
  13. Processing Engineering (or Business Processing Re-engineering, BPR)
  14. Quality Management
  15. Knowledge Management
  16. Sales Logistics
  17. Business Planning
  18. Value-based Management
  19. Advanced Seminar (one free selective course)

1-5 are the Core Courses (every study must study).
6-8 are the Foundation Courses (various in different programme).
9-18 are the Specialisation Courses (designed by the Programme Chair), where a student has to choose at least 4-5 of them.
19 is Free Elective Course, any course a student would like to choose from other programmes.

I am interested in all courses provided in IM programme. I even asked the Programme Chair whether students are allowed to choose all Specialisation Courses and extend one more year to complete all coures? She said YES Image

However, she recommended that it is better to complete the required number of credits, i.e. 45, and get the degree. Then as the university encourage a life-long study, all alumni can go back to enrol for courses they are interested in, and study with the current students.

Great one!

Please wish me luck! I really want to study this programme now…

Well, but I am feeling sick, having a little heache and sneezing. Will come back to go through your blogs later on.


P. S. AquaSiam is the team of 4 IM students and graduates, a winner of Asian Moot Corp 2006, participating in Global Moot Corp 2006 Competiion held at the University of Texas at Austin.


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