Dream(s) & Hope(s)*

Tuesday, 2 May 2006 § Leave a comment

Dream(s) & Hope(s) magnify
Just like this photo, so I put it here.

After I had finished my post last night, I clicked Post This Entry.

P A G E C A N N O T B E F O U N D .

H u h ? Image

A g g g g h h . . . W h a t h a p p e n e d ! ! ? ?

Checking my Internet status on the taskbar, I was still being connected to the Internet. My Yahoo Messenger was still online, but my MSN and Skype got disconnected! Oh.. my..

The Internet had gone crazy again, showing as connected but not actually working. Image I typed a lot and all had gone………………….e.e.e.e.e.e………… with the wind!

So I gave up, turned off my PC and went to bed.. Haha.. Image Blame nobody. I was just too sleepy, too sick, and the Internet was too slow.

Being day-dreaming too much, I dreamt a lot last night. I dreamt that I cut my front hair and I then had fringes!

Well, I cut my hair myself, but why I dreamt about it. Hmm..

I day-dreamed about studying the Master programme of Innovation in Management, not Hairdressing Management!!! Image

Anyway, I am making the dream true now :)

And I cannot stop with one dream, undoubtedly.

Samples of dreams and hopes……….

  • MBA with AIT is another one.
  • A one-storey house in the Northern Thailand (nice atmosphere with trees, mountains and woods) on a 100-200 square metre land.
  • A nice condominium in town (so that I can travel to work easier).
  • Take my mum to Korea, New Zealand (South Island), Hong Kong, and Europe is another one. She deserves uncountably more than that, but at her age, Russia and Tibet might be too tough!
  • Work for NASA or UN… LOL.. This must be a dream forever! Hahaaa.. but at least I dream about them. TED, it was you who inspired me of working with NASA Image
  • Work for the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Work for Green Peace (but only when I earn enough for living without earning anything else). See many people sail out with Green Peace and help animals. I would like to be one of them.
  • ETCCCCCCCCCcccccccccccccc…………………

Sounds too manyyyyy… TOO TOo Too too many.. hehee.

Living your lives with dreams and hopes can help you enjoy your living more each single day, eh? More C O L O U R S means livlier time during days and nights.







Well, I think I am getting mad now.. Hahaa..

I had better go. Come back tomorrow.

P. S. I found my photo (in hardcopy) I like. Thinking of scanning and put it here. Alarm has been set, so I will not forget to bring it here tomorrow.


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