Colours of Smiles*

Thursday, 4 May 2006 § Leave a comment

Colours of Smiles

I am getting mad playing around with this smiling pic.. Hehee.. I would like to put all together in one same pic, but a bit too difficult and I need some time to do so. Thus, I just captured this screenshot when I opened the folder keeping the files Image

No matter what colours of A SMILE you have in different periods of time, that is still A SMILE.

A SMILE that can lighten up your heart and soul, so that you are YOUNG AT HEART no matter how young (old) you are.

A SMILE that can brighten up surrounding people’s hearts and souls, so that they are also YOUNG AT HEARTS and you will be surrounded by YOUNG people!

A SMILE that can freshen any grey situation to bright white situation with glitter Image (why glitter!?.. anyway..), so that any problem has at least a solution right in front of you. Look at the little light over there!

A SMILE that can be an encouraging tool. A reluctant person can be much more confident when he/she looks at you and sees you are amiably smiling to them. A disappointed person feel stronger when he/she sees you showing them your comforting smile.

How valuable a smile is!

I will keep smiling, and (please) so will you.

Let’s be YOUNG-AT-HEART people.. Please smile Image (You can smile without showing your teeth if you don’t want… LOL)


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