Innovation in Management, Entrance Exam*

Monday, 15 May 2006 § Leave a comment

Eventually, the exam session has passed.

The exam on Sunday morning was just about English (like TOEFL) and Management Aptitude (a part of GMAT) test.

I had thought the college would have used their own English test. They actually used TOEFL test, noticed from the listening part where it said ‘TOEFL test.’ This is great. I would like to know my TOEFL score too. (Taking a real TOEFL exam costs over 5,000 Baht!)

Talking about the English exam, Image I think my ears were a little blurry while I was listening to the last part of the listening test.. LOL. Grammar and structure part was okay (this should be my best English skill). Reading was not bad. I did better than I expected (let’s see if what I did will be correct.. haha). Lastly, for writing part, I finished it just about time. That should be because I was boasting too much when writing, I guess LOL. I did write an essay of around 250-300 words, I can say Image

For Management Aptitude test, there were only 40 numbers of the test. I believe they took some from the GMAT books and tests since the style was much the same as I found in my GMAT book. (Taking a real GMAT test costs 8,000 Baht!)

Not so difficult one and I even could take in a non-scientific calculator.

Hmm.. from what I mentioned above, it seems everything went okay. And surely, I say all went okay. I am happy with what I have done.

The result will be announced on the website on 24th May (in the next 9 days!).

Hey, but if I fail, I need some encouragement……. Image

.. 9 days to go..


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