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The feneral of my grandmother’s sister-in-law last week was like a family week and weekend. I called my grandmother’s sister-in-law ‘grand-aunt,’ while my mum called her ‘aunt.’

Chinese people in the old days usually have a lot of kids with an extended family. My mother is quite close to this family. When she was young and had to study in Bangkok, she had been staying with this family for over 10 years! Of course, living with this family, she also knew several of her peer cousins.

Without seeing each other for over ten years or more, when all were re-united, they talked like they were in a reunion party!

Let’s think about seeing your close friends whom you have not met for a long time. What are you going to talk about?

They talked about their childhood, as well as told their kids (including me) about what they had done together when they were young and living in the same house. Who was very fashionable (my mum was included in this group), who was very diligent, etc. They asked each other how everything was going on.

And also think about that this family has about 8 children. My mum knew all of them and then she introduced the 8 people to me, plus their wives and kids. One would have approximately 3 children!! Eight multiplied by three = 24! Uncountable names and faces I met in two days and one night trip there. Most of them were new to me, while I knew a few of them.

In addition, my mum also introduced a group of people she called uncles and aunts! Awwww………. no! Those names are somewhere in my head now, but where!? LOL Image

No wonder there was no grief! My grand-auntie is over 90 years old. All understood that it was her time to leave and stayed in heaven with her husband. She had been ill for quite some time, and that was the most suffering part. She had been staying in a hospital for a month or more. She had been injected and her blood had been taken to diagnose many times until her arms were full of small holes from the injections. Her grandson, whom I know, even said that he felt sympathised with his grandma. That was too much for her at 93 years of age!

One thing that my grand-aunt was worried about is that after her passing away, it would be even more difficult that her children, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc in our big family would come and meet. Then when the time passes by, they all will forget each other.

The deeper the family tree is, the lesser the next generations will know each other.

Well, I wish you guys could have seen my mum when she met her cousins. She laughed a lot, talked a lot, and smiled a lot. I could feel that.

She was very happy to see her old friends (those cousins were like her friends). Glad to see her happy. And i feel sorry that I cannot make her life as happy as she was when she was young Image

Re-visiting the rural area again, I am thinking one day I will move to a countryside and live there until I die. The place, where I visited often when I was young, is still peacful. I saw a ‘sufficient’ life. The weather is nice, fresh, clear and less polluted, and people seem to be friendlier.

The trip reminded me of my life when I was there every summer. I met my cousins (a few of them are now in Bangkok to work and study), my uncles, aunts and some peer neighbours. It was a very enjoyable period in a year.

In this feneral, I met my cousins whom I had not met for ten years! They are much grower, more handsome, more lovely and surely maturer.

Time keeps walking, and so do I.

Time has never stopped, and neither should I.

P. S. I took and videotaped (used my Siemens M65 mobile phone) the atmosphere in the feneral. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a software driver of my phone to work today, so I cannot upload the pics and clips to my PC. Will do it tomorrow. Alarm has been set (that I have to bring the driver here).


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