Unbearable Feeling*

Tuesday, 23 May 2006 § Leave a comment

Have you ever been in an unbearable feeling?

The feeling that you are not sure whether you are okay, upset, discouraged, tired, bored, happy, or else…

The feeling of being happy for some time, moody for some time, upset for some time, energetic for some time, and also bored for some time.

It is like a mixture of every bit here and there pressing into your heart, brain and soul until you cannot realise how you really feel.

I think I am in that mixture mood now…

I enjoy being here, Yahoo 360.

I am happy working in some parts of my current jobs.

On the other hand, I am also fed up with some parts of work I have to take care of.

I am full of hopes and courages that I will pass my entrance exam., and now I think of things I will have to do when I start the first trimester.

On the contrary, I am also worried if I can get a new job soon.

When am I going to get a new job? (I am looking for it)

Further, if I can get a new job, will it be a good job, and will the work atmosphere be as good as the current place?

Am I thinking too much? Each of the aforementioned is just a very little thing, but I mix all together!

I know.. my bad.. but I cannot come over! I am still stuck with those messy thoughts! I am stucked so much that my tears dropped this morning.

Why, Mook? Why…!?

Well.. People can lack confidence some time………..


Tomorrow.. at least when tomorrow comes, I will know my exam result.. and I have to think again what I should do next.

And once I know……. I will try to remind myself to be organised………….. brian- and mind- organised.

I am 26! Be mature! (I am telling myself)

..1 day to go.. (exam result tomorrow!)


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