Innovation in Management, Exam Result*

Wednesday, 24 May 2006 § Leave a comment

Arriving my office quite early, 0620hrs, I certainly turned on my PC.

No wonder what I would do first thing.. Can you guess? :D


Yes, to check my exam result!

I thought it would have been posted online in their website ( last night, but after re-considering again, nobody would stay up late till 1200am in order to post this!!

My mum still hoped they would do. (NOOooo way!) I told her I guessed I should get the result when their working hours start (either 0800hrs or 0900hrs)!

And that was true! From 0620hrs till 0700hrs, the announcement had not been posted.

Hahaa… LOL..

(What was I doing here in the office this early morning, by the way!?) :p

I refreshed the web page every 5-10 minutes!!

Refreshing logs::

0740hrs.. The result has not been uploaded!

0755hrs.. No, not yet – -”

0806hrs.. I refreshed and not yet (see news update instead)

0817hrs.. Again.. and – -” I wish they would have announcement via SMS (LOL)

0826hrs.. …

0836hrs.. Unchanged.. same old flashing

0841hrs.. Gosh.. the page are downloading slower.. there might be a new update.. but no! duh!


0904hrs.. What time do they start working? :((

0914hrs.. I feel funny of myself.. Hahaaa.. Why do I have to refresh the page this often… LOL

0934hrs.. Not yet, Mook.. Not yet.. OK.. I go back to work.

1128hrs.. I began wondering if today is 24th May, or the colleage said the announcement will be in the afternoon? Hmm..

1331hrs.. Unbelievable! The announcement has not bee posted! They use a wrong calendar.. Today is 24th May!!

1409hrs.. Finally, I called them. The lady who picked up the phone said they would upload late afternoon today.. very late afternoon, to be exact. Then we both laughed.. and hung up.. Hahahaa..


To check again after work.

1609hrs.. My interview schedule on Saturday 27th May 2006, 1040hrs-1100hrs, Room IM1, 14th Floor Image

Know the result, eh? Image

The admission result will be posted on Thursday 08th June 2006 via the website.


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