Monday, 29 May 2006 § Leave a comment

I talked to a friend who I had not kept in touch for a while because we all were busy.

She is going to get married on 9th September 2006! Oh, my friend is going to marry a man (who is also my friend)!

No doubt, I am joining. I am a friend of both the gloom and bride! Hehee.. a close friend, actually :) I was asked to help them on the wedding day as well. Must be fun.

Now, I have to get a nice dress, lose some weight (hahaa.. so who is marrying!?), and.. see what else they want me to help.

Out of my friends, they are the first two who will get married. That is a reason I am quite excited.

Seeing them, I question myself if I would have that chance.

Watching a few lovely TV plays about love of a couple, I wonder if that kind of love is real.

Thinking about my own experience, I say it is very difficult to find love that lasts long without obstacles, even in those plays I watch, a couple will have to be patient before the happy-ending.

While being the end of a few stories, Marriage is, in fact, a start of another life after the happy-ending story in a TV programme.

Perhaps, this kind of love lives would not happen to me.

I stopped expecting, dreaming or making my own boy-and-girl love stories. What I am doing is being in my real life, watching those plays with joy and smiling along.

The love is in my mind
I keep it with myself and persons nearby
Though I will not have a chance to share it with a speacial someone
I still have love to share with everyone



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