Job Interview*

Wednesday, 7 June 2006 § Leave a comment

It is my first experience interviewing some candidates for a position, receptionist and administrator, in the company.

What should I ask mainly? I seriously need your advice.

In the previous 5 candidates, I tried to get them to talk a lot in English (yea.. the interview was done in English), so that I know how fluent their English speaking and listening were (surely, I interviewed in English).

Asking them to tell me about their current responsibilities in the present position..

Asking them to tell me about their work atmosphere..

What else?

Well, my main purpose is to get a person who can speak and listen English well since she/he has to pick up some calls that can be our foreign customers.

For other responsibilities in this position, such as courier booking and logging, purchase order raising, and documents recording, I am sure she/he can be trained. I got less than half an hour training from the resigned receptionist.

I have 5 more candidates coming tomorrow and the day after!! And perhaps there might be another two coming..

Please help recommend…………… Image

P. S. I now have to take care of two positions, or perhaps three? Receptionist, Sales Administrator and Office Supervisor! I also use two PC’s, two landline phones and two desks! LOL

Oh, perhaps total of 4! The other one is Key Account Manager as I have to take care a few Thai key customers!!



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