Friday, 9 June 2006 § Leave a comment



Angry (though will forget about it quite quickly after that)..


All that bad is in me.. Where is my patience?

My impatience also did take an action in the past few days..

I gave up with the 14-day (semi) detoxification. The life without carbohydrate was too difficult for me.

Being vegetarian is much more preferred. Vegetarian can have cereal, oats, whole grains, nuts, and beans. These are my favourite. Ya.. but they make me get more fat Image

I can stop eating meats, but not fish.
I can stop having processed carbohydrate, but not whole grains and nuts.

Well, or am I just blaming on carbohydrate lacking!?!? Actually, I am just an impatient girl?

Aaawwww…. Image

Well, thinking positively (say, supporting my own self), I at least can avoid some meats and have more veggies and fruits.

In fact, I should try to be a good vegetarian before trying to be a good detoxification doer.

The longer I can be vegetarian, the better I can endure the detox diet. (I began blaming something again!?)

(I guess) Image

Err.. A few-day detox diet is still okay for me, but not 14 days!!! I was like dying………….. Image

I should have a hale and hearty life, but with happiness as well, right?


Ai yoh.. Am I blaming something once again??


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