Long Live His Majesty*

Saturday, 10 June 2006 § Leave a comment


Long Live His Majesty


Wish I could be in the group in the pic. Anyway, I wore a yellow t-shirt yesterday (and so did my mum), like other citizen in Thailand.

That we were in yellow because the King was born on Monday and yellow is his colour (our Queen was born on Friday and yes blue is her colour).

Watching news about the celebrations marking the King’s 60th-anniversary on the throne (LONGEST EVER IN THE WORLD), I heard people cheering, prasing and blessing our beloved King, ‘Long live His Majesty, long live His Majesty, long live His Majesty.’

Then my tears began flowing throughout both eyes with impressiveness. No matter how many rounds I have seen the news, when the same scene showed up, I shed my tears with delightful feeling again and again.

I, as a citizen of Thailand, still am delightful and impressed with this. Can you imagine how our King would feel?

I L O V E M Y K I N G .


BBC News
CNN News
Bangkok Post (Thailand)
The Nation (Thailand)
Image King of Hearts by The Nation Multimedia

P. S. Thank you for all comments regarding the ‘Impatience.’ I will try to balance my ‘input/ output’ Image

Friends are always here when I need some recommendations, advice and encouragement.

Thank you from my faithful heart.


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