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Watching channel 9 (Thailand) about the King’s responsibilities and duties since his first day of his accession to the throne until now, I felt like he had to make many sacrifices in order to be the King and to take care of over 60 millions people.

I wonder if I were him, I could do that!!! Would I dare sacrificing everything that I liked and loved for someone I had never met like he did!!

He could stay as one of a royal family without being a king, and he could spend his life doing whatever he loved, such as music, fine arts, photography and sports.

Music: He likes jazz and he can play many musical instruments, esp saxophone. He has composed more than 40 songs, both in English and Thai.

Fine arts: He can draw and paint well in both portraits and abstracts.

Photography: He loves taking photos. Even when he visited rural areas in Thailand, he also took some photos. And some of those were profoundly nice.

Sports: He could sail and did even join Laem-Thong Games (if I remember the name correctly). He got a gold medal.

Instead, he had to just keep all of his favourites as hobbies and his main responsibilities have been Thai people and Thailand.

He was born to be a king!

I was born to love the King!

As per the concept ‘one good will per person for our King,’ I, Mook, would promise that I will be a good Thai and try to improve our country at my utmost knowledge and capability.

You know what, this 60th-year cerebration has changed some few parts in my mind.

Earlier, I had thought I would try my best to move to other countries, like New Zealand and Australia, to settle down and die there.

Now, I would love to stay here, in Thailand, develop my country and die here.

I want to at least be a tiny part that will help the King develop the country, MY COUNTRY!

I love Thailand Image

(Awww.. you know what.. my tears are dropping, while I am writing this post! Image Sooo sensitive!!)


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