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Monday, 19 June 2006 § Leave a comment

I have been tagged by Eliana and Sheila Image

RULES: – Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with 8 facts/things/habits about yourself, saying who tagged you. In the end you need to choose the 6 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs…

Start with something simple. My name is Nalinrat. In Thai, it means ‘glass lotus.’ Well, you’d better call me Mook (as you’re calling), my nickname. This one means ‘pearl.’ Nalinrat was named by a monk, while Mook was named by my twin aunties. Mookie is another nickname my colleauges called because it sounds like an English name with ‘-ie’ sound (Jimmy, Susy, Nancy, blah, blah, blah).

Hey, think you might be able to guess that I am the only child… errm… the spoiled kid, say Image I was born when my mum was 37! So she was too old to have any more kids, while I really wanted to have a brother and a sister. More importantly, perhaps because she was a little too old for having a baby, I am a little nut (or ‘more than a little’ nut).. Heheee.. Image (a mother should not have a baby when she reaches 40 to avoid any disorder of her baby, as I know). Mum said I ate nothing but drank milk when I was young. One day, we had a meeting with our relatives and cousins (kinda a small party). We had grilled chicken wings with sticky rice. What I did was sitting there, looking at those chicken without eating, while my cousin had finished his wings and then kept looking at my chicken wings. I could drink a dozen of 250ml boxes of milk per day! Oh.. unbelieveable!

I chose to study English-German when I was in high school. With those two years study, please do not ask me to speak German with you.. LOL Image Forgot all! After the 2-year high school life (out of a normal of 3 years), I could pass an entrance exam to Kasetsart University (in Bangkok) in a 4-year Bachelor Programme in Translation (English-Thai). My life in the university was fun. I was young, thought of nothing but studying, and spent my life in the uni, malls, library and with friends. Money? Begged for my lovely mum, no wonder. Once I finished my B. A. Translation, I did another entrance exam for my 2- year Master’s Degree in English for Careers at Thammasat University. Meeting lots of new and maturer friends, I had learnt many things about both study and work experiences. After having studied for a year, I decided to get a job. Then I both worked and studied simultaneously, like others. Presently, as some of you may know, I have just passed an entrance exam for another Master Programme in Innovation in Management at College of Management Mahidol University. I will study a pre-course in Accounting in mid July and the real programme begins in September. It must be fun! I am back to class again! Hoorey..

Nothing much about work. I have worked as a freelance translator while I was studying in Thammasat as I had some spare time during the weekdays (studied only on the weekends). Then I also had a chance to work temporarily in an embassy as a Secretary to the Counsellor because one of my senior friends was working there and she needed a tempt staff for 2.5 months. My permanent job is the current one. I orginally applied for being a Secretary. Then I was called for an interview of a Receptionist. After the interview, I was called again for another interview (with the same company) for a position of Sales Administrator. I got this job after the interview was done. The verbal agreement was offerred and I began this job in the coming week! Being working here for over 3 years, I am now an Office Supervisor. I would like to gain more experience and keep moving on to higher positions. This is a reason I chose to study Innovation in Management.

Talking about all favourites of mine, let say…….. My fav COLOURS are black, brown, green, khaki, yellow, orange, cream, and white (sooo many colours in my hearts.. LOL). Fav FOODS&DRINKS are Thai, Japanese, pomeloes, papayas, green apples, rambutans, oranges, nuts, beans, whole grains, greens, fish, dark chocolate, latte, green tea, cereal with milk, cocoa, fruit juice… errr.. uncountable. In short, I can eat anything.. Image Fav types of MUSIC are pop, soft rock, UK garage, Craig David, Ne-Yo, James Blunt. Fav HOBBIES are surely blogging, then swimming, listening to music, surfing the Internet, and watching movies. Fav PLACES are all nature places, esp waterfalls and forests, home, my relatives’ house in Pak Chong (northeastern Thailand) and New Zealand. What else of my fav’s here… Hmm… Tag me again if you want to know then.. Haha.

What else should I talk here… !? Oh, my habits and personalities.. Firstly, undeniably, I am spoiled! Why I am talking about being spoiled as a good habit!! Hahaa.. No, no, this is not a good habit. I am just telling the truth. That’s it! Image I can be very kind and extremely mean when I feel like to. I mostly do anything as per my ‘wants and moods,’ not ‘reasons.’ I know this is not a good habit, and I should change. I am trying to, honestly. I am quite outspoken when I feel that the other party(ies) would accept my comments. Otherwise, I will just keep quiet without any comments. I am not a lying bitch, so I prefer being quiet to telling lies when I do not want to be blunt. Well, I am quite lazy and gross though (my mum usually says so) when I do not want to do anything else, but get stuck in front of my PC or TV (eeeee). I get bored of something/ someone somewhat easily when I feel of no excitement left. I hate people’s pretensions, sarcasm, selfishness and overstatement (tell me who likes this kind of human beings!!!). I am a bit boyish (like you, Eliana). Maybe because I am the only child, I should be able to take care of myself. I can lift up a 20kgs gallon of water for a cooler, while some men in the office do not want to do. I am a bit hyper-active (some of my friends said so) and energetic. However, in some mood, I can be indifferent to things around me and I will just sit still silently. Most importantly, I get upset easily, but will forget about it after. In summary, I am a confusing gal.. LOL.. Oh, lastly, I will be dreamy when I watch a play, series, or movie, but hey, I do not mix those dreams with reality!

Something bores and discourages me when I confidently intend to do something and I am insulted since I start thinking and I have never even started it yet. You know what! If someone does that to me, I will just stop and give up. No rule can be applied for all! Words that will affect in a good way with me is showing your trust, making me feel I am trustworthy.. and you know.. I will try to do my very best to get anything done. I like being trusted and when I feel so, I can do things well. I feel like I should not miss finishing and succeeding any parts cos that means I will be upsetting someone who trusts in me. On the other hand, if I am insulted, what points I have to do or try further to show someone who judges someone who has not even started their jobs. This is a part of a stubborn me!

For my future, I now plan to own a land in the north of Thailand close to a mountain, forests and waterfalls, build a one-storey big house on the land, do farming, and stay there with my mum. Family? Well, I keep forgetting about my own family each day. Why? I am not saying I do not believe in love or soulmate. I surely do, but if I have one, he would show up one day. I do not need to struggle to get one, who may not be the ‘right’ one. For now, I wear a ring on my left ring finger to tell myself that I can marry with myself.. Image Staying alone is a bit lonely sometimes, but not all the time. It depends on myself who should find something to do. My mum now starts worrying about me not getting married.. Hahaa.. I can recall when I was young, she would always agree and encourage me to get a good job, earn well, and stay alone to avoid any problem that she had faced in her married life. Her thought has been changed! She now tries to convince me that I should get married if I find a good person. She tries to tell me not to close my heart. I don’t! Do I?

Anyway, all for now.. been blabbing for a long time.. Hahaa..


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