Car Crash!*

Wednesday, 28 June 2006 § Leave a comment

Being quiet for a while, I started my first entry with my car crash on Monday night!! Image

Crumsy and careless me, actually!!

I drove to a temple for a feneral of my colleague’s father. After getting stuck in the traffic for almost 2 hours (for not more than 5km from the office), I arrived there!

But you know what.. Apart from located in a small street, the main entrance was half-closed because they set up a table. I then had to enter in the other door, which was about the same size as my car width! Image

I was quite confident once I turned my steering wheel to the right and pressed my foot on the accelerator. Half of my car was in.. but then I saw another car coming out. I had to drive backwards to let this car go first.

When I turned right once again, I still believed I should be able to do it. I suddenly turned right again. The first half of the car successfully passed the narrow door, but then I heard the big scratching sound……………… Oh Shit!! (once in awhile I would say this)


In the first few seconds, I was mad at myself a bit. One year driving did not help me improve my skills!!! DuH!! Image

Some people nearby could notice that I had just crashed with that entrance door. So when I got off the car, two guys, after they noticed my face (I think), smiled and asked if I crashed that door? I smiled and said, ‘Yes.’

Looking at the pain after the kiss (haha), I found the right back part of the body (close to the door) above the wheel scratched with the entrance door (left open) that made from iron!!!!!!! Not a big scar though.

I then called my mum to let her know I arrived the temple (while she was waiting for me in her office), and surely let her know that.. ‘Oops, I did it again.. (I did once last year in about the same time.. haha)’

She complained a bit, was more worried about me. She told me to be much more careful next time, esp when I had to drive alone.

There was no problem with the repair cost as I have just renewed the insurance.. Hahaa.. (The fee must be much higher next year, I bet!)

P. S. I have been busy so far. What I could do was just visiting some of your blogs during last weekend, but not last Monday and Tuesday! I am coming back. After I have finished all entries (if I can), I will go around say, ‘HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Do you miss me?’ to everyone!

Hey, Rayner, I am not sick of Y360. With all of you guys here, how can I be sooo?? Never ever! Image


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