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Wednesday, 28 June 2006 § Leave a comment

What do you think about the following kind of people?

.. One who is not concerned much about having lunch with colleauges, but alone in the office.

(1) One reason is because during lunch time, people would often gossip about work-related issues. (2) Another is she can enjoy doing something else instead of spending some time walking to a food court and waiting for another 30 minutes for her colleauges to slowly finish their dishes. (3) And one more reason is that she can limit the cost of a meal instead of paying more on the way back to the office for some snacks (she needs to save for her study).

.. One who does not care about participating in any night parties with colleauges, unless held by a company, though sponsored by a shareholder.

Reasons are (1) she just feels like this is a way that shareholder (there is just one shareholder who keeps treating the staff like this) tries to buy the staff. Sincere and truthful hearts cannot be purchased by money, negatively thinking by her, but the same sincere and truthful heart(s). He will always look happy when someone tries to treat him like he is a god and there is nobody as good or important as he is. And she strongly believes he knows why those people treat him like that (his money, no wonder). Those parties are like a scene in a play that everybody has to have a role, while she does not want to take a role she is not willing to. (2) She is not also an alcohol drinker, so when she joins the parties, she would drink only juice and mineral water, as well as will leave for home earlier than others.

.. One who thinks that it is quite difficult to find a best friend from an office society, unlike from a school or university.

(1) A reason is that there are more politics in an office than in a college. This influences how a colleague would act to her. She finds it difficult for her to be pretentious to someone, and to see someone being pretentious to her. (2) What she prefers is some friendly talks about work when required (no gossip of a person’s habit or a confidential issue of a company), about general issues in the world or about herself and themselves, and about some discussions or comments on a particular thing or situation.


.. And that SHE is ME! LOL..


Well, this may not be funny………. Well.. is it?


My mum also faced the similar situations. She normally has lunch in her office, including some of her young colleauges (my mum is almost the oldest in the company). Most of those usually group together for lunch, while my mum prefers having lunch alone (which she takes about 15 minuts to finish, like I do), instead of being in those groups bullshitting to each other.

Her colleagues are even worse than mine (my colleauges are not bad actually, but I just feel a bit disassociated). Her office is more considerably politic than mine. At least one of them who was very close to my mum previously.

This two-faced (or more) lady had talked behind someone’s back about their badness and how much she disliked them. Now, she nicely treats those people as if she is a servant who is always willing to carry 3-4 kgs of stuffs every morning to give out to those people for free (to act as if she is very open-minded and caring!) Before, she had told my mum that she would do this in order to buy those people, who had insulted her in many ways.

(And if I were her, I would not treat nicely back to ones who have insulted me badly.)

My mum and I have some discussions about this when we are on the way to work and vice versa. This made me think of posting this entry.

I wonder if we have some EQ problems!? Maybe, we do. Is it wrong not to converse with people in our office society when we do not have to? Or should we talk shit here and there to keep a connection going? I know sometimes ‘connections’ are important in our lives, esp when we need to get grower in a company. But isn’t a good working performance enough?

I am not a dog licking someone’s toes in order to get promoted while my heart says NO, though.

Ai yoh.. have I made this entry too serious? But, anyway, I have finished it!

Do you find it difficult to live in a society?


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