Being Professional*

Saturday, 8 July 2006 § Leave a comment

At the beginning of my profession, after an argument or a hot-and-spicy discussion with colleauges about work-related issues, I could not make my narrow-minded self to separate that work was work and personal relationship (colleague-ship) was another issue. I just mixed them as one.

Consequently, I would not talk to those colleauges for a while, even for a chit-chat. I explicitly showed my expression that I would not want to even converse with them, esp via my facial expression, which looked like hell to them Image I would not walk pass thru their areas if not necessary. I was about to break all relationship just because the discussion and misunderstanding. Childish, eh?

That would last for a few weeks or more. And I would gradually feel better and start talking to them again. I know I was not professional enough.

The longer I have been working, the more professional I am (I do believe so). That is not only because I am getting grower and maturer, but also because of my surrounding friends, colleauges and people, together with my responsibilities at work.

I have learnt bits here and there from others’ experiences, practices, natures and habits. Then I automatically adapted those good-to-follow habits to myself. One of those is a part of ‘being professional’ at work.

Any work-related talks, argument, discussion or misunderstanding should be ended at work and at that stage. When I feel the temperature of any argument or bad feelings is getting higher and higher, I would take a deep breath or more to calm myself down. If that does not help, I would try to stop doing/ talking about that issue and go do something else (but this is quite difficult for me as I cannot concentrate with something else).

The grower..
The maturer..
The better..
The higher..
The more professional..
The more experienced..
The calmer..
The best!


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