ThinkPad Z61t (9441-A15)*

Thursday, 12 October 2006 § Leave a comment

(For the full specifications, please click the blog title.)

Bought this on Thursday 05th October 2006 and got it from the shop on Wednesday 11th October 2006. My mum’s manager’s son paid for this at the total of 45,400 Baht (after we got 2,000 paid at the very first time back just today).

The laptop itself cost 39,900 Baht (free VAT) and I needed a genuine Window XP Professional, so we had paid 7,500 extra for it. Unfortunately, this model Z61t was too new to Microsoft XP Pro, so the shop or even IBM Thailand could not successfully install the software (with operating drivers).

Thus, the shop decided to return the paid amount 7,500 after my mum had complained a lot over the phone to a lady from the shop.

Instead of getting all back in cash, I spent 5,500 Baht on 1GB RAM, and got 2,000 back in return (ya, that was after I had exchanged with a 2000-worth Targus bag and my mum complained non-stop).

Nice size, style with blonde titanium cover. Like it (or because it is a new one for me.. can’t tell though).


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