Massaging Needed*

Monday, 30 October 2006 § Leave a comment

Sigh.. finally, the suffering period has passed (last Fri and Sat). I could do both.. but well.. for MIS, I could do it, but that does not mean that all I answered were correct. For FPC, it was much easier than what I had thought. The exercises I had practised were much more difficult, actually. However, I answered a 2-point question wrong.. _*_

Not enough.. I still went to bed late on Sat night. Why?

I had to start working on a PoM assignment (3-4 page essay) that I had not started even bits!

Though going to bed as late as 2am on Sat night, I still had to get up at Sun morning at 5am to further doing the assignment. Sitting at my desk at home in front of my ThinkPad (Z) until 11.30am before I finished it.

All of the above caused me a backache.. Darn……………. _*_

Many friends say they want body massaging after the exam, and so do I.

Help.. help.. I need massaging! It is something I really cannot wait.. but I have to wait.

Yesterday evening, instead of having a massage, I had to drive my mum from home to a hospital to see my grandmother, who is admitted because of elderly sickness.

I almost fell asleep during driving for many times.. Once I arrived home, I collapsed myself down to the bed and fell asleep right away.

My mum had to wake me up for a few minutes to put my pyjama on. Right, right.. without taking a shower at all.

Cannot help.. I was too exhausted!

Still, I need massaging sometime somewhere soonest possible.


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