Leadership Trip*

Saturday, 2 December 2006 § Leave a comment

Back from the trip (10-12/11/2006) for quite some time, but have not got much time to come up with a page of a diary!!

.. Lots of assignments
.. Lots of group projects
.. Lots of books to read
.. Lots of work to do
.. Life of lotsssssssss…..



Hell.. no..


Anyway, this is what I chose.. hehee.

Let’s talk about the leadership trip with CMMU.

We went to Regent Cha-Am. My first time there. It was a very nice resort. And luckily, Priw and I got a Honeymoon Suite room (like a house) next to the beach and a swimming pool; while the other friends got just a room in a building. Here is our bed!

Very nice… huh? Okay, then look at the swimming pool. Hehee.. nice nice and I swam for sure. But this time I did not touch the sea water. My mum asked why not.. lol.. Could not help. I just did not feel like.

Went to the camp on Friday and had the night party was on Saturday. Ya, we, IM, had our performance on the stage. I was one of the dancers.. lol. Fun but sorry that I had no photo here.

An issue between two girls seemed to happen here. This was because of just a spoiled man. Really.. just because of one spoiled man. Sigh..

Anyway, I was not into this that much. It should fade away sooner or later. Who cares.. hahaa..


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