HAPPY New Year?*

Wednesday, 3 January 2007 § Leave a comment

If I am not wrong, last year I also started my 2006 with an argument with my mum and with a sadness from the broken-up.

Similarly, this year 2007, I seemed to start my new year with an argument and tears.

Will the coming year be a good year for me?

I received some blessing messages from friends, including ‘him.’ Ignorantly, I just replied him only once with the standard message I wrote up for everyone. Feeling of the stern from the breaking-up, I cannot forgive him.

.. I need some time.. sorry.

.. .

Re the argument, as always, my mum and I, like last new year, argued again about some tiny (bitchy) stuffs.

For god’s sake!

I do not understand why this happened. I do not know what my mum was thinking, why she was complaining about my eating along the trip to-and-fro Cha-am. That extremely bored me!

My holiday seemed to be damn boring. It was not a real holiday. I did not feel so at all!!!

My days had gone without happiness. Where is my HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??


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