Tuesday, 9 January 2007 § Leave a comment

FPC is driving me crazy now.

I know my grades for both MIS (Management in Information Systems) and POM (Principles of Management), which are A’s.

Now, I have just been waiting for FPC (Financial Planning and Control). Aj. Bobby and Aj. Benjalux have announced their classes’ scores, but not Aj. Worapong.


Aj. Worapong is killing me.


Crazy because even Ohm, who got 84 for her mid-term exam, did not get A!!

Art, X and Jui got A’s because they got around 90 (out of 100) from mid-term exam!!

I got less than Ohm, i.e. 80!

I had not planned to get straight A, but as I am now likely to; therefore, it would be great if I get all A’s…………

Innit? –”

Anyway……………. Let’s see..


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