Sunday, 4 February 2007 § Leave a comment

Have you ever felt angry with anything?

If so, how did you deal with your emotion at the time?

My last furiousness was last night. What I did was walking to the chanting room (in Buddhism, that is a room where we place our respectful statues of buddha or monks) in my house.

I rarely, hardly ever, visited the room though I walked pass it every single day to my bedroom.

Last night, I did.

After lighting three joss sticks, I then sat in front of all statues and started chanting a set of chating words. If I am not wrong, one set included 25 small chapters.

Not only once, but over 10 rounds of the chanting. I just tried to concentrate on those single words, so that I would not think of what made me angry…….

That helped a bit. Only a bit because I was a newbie in this kind of things. I am very far from religion, somehow.

Although I did not know the meaning of those chanting words, I felt that they could calm me down when I tried to pronounce every single word correchantly. The language used is Pali.

A way of concentration.. :)


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