College Politics*

Monday, 6 August 2007 § 3 Comments

Studying in a college of management in Thailand, I have never thought of facing a situation relating to any internal politics and conflicts among management.

Our college was established almost 10 years ago and has been managed separately from the public university, although the name is linked to the public university.

The college has set up its own rules and regulations. The management team was different and separated from the public section. The college was more like a private college.

And because of the separate of management teams, the college had more flexibility in setting up any academic foundations and courses suitable for the students and society, and more students were interested in studying here.

As a result, the college to gain more profits every year; and this perhaps is the main reason why the management team from the parent university (public one) started moving their teams to this college, starting from changing the Dean of our college, Programme Chairs, so and so.

What else? More profits, more money, and more greeds! Huh?


Consequently, instead of providing several courses for students to choose, we were limited to 2 courses (and we would have to enroll for 2 courses).

Among all of us, we discussed a lot about the situtation within; and finally, my friends and I decided to drop a few e-mails to the management of the college.

Finally, the new Programme Chair, who is also a Programme Chair for the Thai programme, of my programme has returned the mail with a standard answer in order to stop us nagging around.

Tentatively, we plan to meet him this Wednesday. Hopefully, he can clarify everything better.



The politic situation of the country and the politics at work are bad enough for me. I do not want to face any more politics at my college, where I originally thought that it is the most peaceful community among all three (country, work, and study) I am in.

Maybe I am wrong… totally wrong!


P.S. However, I still do not understand why Thai programme students do not like International programme students, while we are in the same college. Why they always say that Thai programme is much better and provides better knowledge. Why?



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