Overdose of Caffeine*

Thursday, 9 August 2007 § Leave a comment

Do not know since when that I started drinking 2 tablespoons of coffee everyday.

Attention, attention.. I mean TWO TABLEspoons, not TEAspoons.

Thinking back in time, I started drinking coffee when I was in secondary school. That was because the taste was so good, and cocoa/ chocolate at the time sounded too expensive for me.

I was addicted to milk at the time.

Getting grower, spending more time awakened, and getting addicted to TV programmes, cartoon books, Internet, and etc; I consumed more coffee, hoping that it would freshen my day.

I then routinely took 1-teaspoon coffee a day.

During the four years in a university, I still took 1 teaspoon a day.

Aha.. now, while I was studying my first Master’s Degree, I do remember, I drank more and more coffee each day.

I worked and studied at the same time. When a few reports needed to be finished, I did not sleep much.

‘Coffee could help,’ I thought.

From 1 teaspoon, I totted up to..
.. 2 teaspoons,
.. 3 teaspoons,
.. and finally 4 teaspoons.

FOUR TEAspoons daily!

My eyes were like a panda’s eyes, my skin was very dry, my face was not bright, and more importantly, I always had a headache if I had coffee too less!




And now what? After I had successfully decreased my consumption to 1 teaspoon for a few years, I began that cycle again?

1 teaspoon
1 bigger teaspoon (because I changed my spoon)
1.5 bigger teaspoon
1 TABLEspoon..

And then from having one cup a day, I now have one for breakfast and the other for my afternoon. And if my mathematics system in my brain is still working fine, it turns out to be 2 TABLEspoons a day!

A r g g h h . . ! !

Stop, stop, stop!!
(not a song.. don’t sing, okay? haha)


OK, from tomorrow, I will go back to use a normal teaspoon.. ! I will, I will.

If not, I will die for sure!!



Wonder how I made up my mind and began using a tablespoon for coffee!! -“-



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