An Encouragement*

Tuesday, 14 August 2007 § Leave a comment

Hardly believe that I could come up with this post while I was working on a boring job, i.e. printing CV’s from my e-mail inbox.

I just realise, optimistically thinking, that my working in this position and having a chance to go through some curriculum vitae may HELP ENCOURAGE me and allow me to learn a little things from those CV’s.


Today, after having received dozens of CV’s for a vacancy, I kept printing them out for a review and FEELING JADED. During the time, I somehow decided to scan through a few CV’s and I found it interesting reading other experiences.

I have got an idea that a small encouragement can be brought up from them.

Besides, a little confidence can also be grown up although a few arrogance can also be built.


I read other experiences and how they have grown in their careers by considering their educations, work experiences, hobbies, skills, etc.

I compare those qualifications with mine, and leverage myself to focus on my goals and dreams.

I consider those higher qualifications as my next-step goals where I can reach for the time being.

I consider those lower qualifications as my lessons and my encouragement telling me that I should keep walking to be apart from the lower position.

So and so..

However, where there is the good, there is the bad.

I can gain more encouragement and confidence from comparison and contrast; therefore, I should not be too confident that I am the best. That can lead me to be too irrationally arrogant.

A person can be the best in some aspects, but not all. I do not believe that there is anyone who is the best in everything. NO WAY!

On the contrary, while I am reading those CV’s, I might feel that I am worse than others. And then I may lose my confidence.

D O N ‘ T   B E ! !

I should keep reminding myself ‘Don’t be discouraged.’ Use those better qualifications as my further goals. I can be like them one day. And I will!

Sometimes, perhaps, a competition is not so bad.

That urges me to concentrate and be a little more earnest about my life, work, study, and dreams.




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