Monday, 27 August 2007 § Leave a comment

I really hate dealing with people.

People are selfish.
People are self-centric.
People are narrow-minded.

Employees often position themselves as if they are the most wanted people in the companies.

Employees tend to request for more benefits, and are not willing to lose any benefits they have got.

Employees have never wanted to lose, but to gain at all bits.

Employees will take all chances that allow them to gain, although stupidly small, benefits, without concerning whether that would affect their companies’ performance or not.

Employees know only how to yell when they do not get their salary increase or their bonuses at the end of the fiscal year, but never trace back to their behaviours whether they have ever helped the companies saving anything, e.g. electricity cost, water supply costs, etc.

What employees have in their heads are that they would request for as many things as they can in order to take advantages from their companies.

Once employees lose just a cent of their benefits, they would express their unappreciation.

When their benefits do not meet their expectation, they seem to be upset and think that the companies do not want them. Then, they act stupidly.

So, what make employees happy is to give them everything they want?




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