Thursday, 30 August 2007 § Leave a comment

I just had my exam on Project Management (PM) course tonight. So far, this is the only final exam that made me feel blank and upset as much as this.

Out of the 3 courses I studied this trimester, PM was the one I thought I was the most skillful and expertise in, compared to Decision Skills (DS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

That resulted differently during the exam!

With CRM, perhaps because the instructor provided the case before the exam day; otherwise, we could not finish the exam in time after spending time reading the 10-page case study, I found that CRM was acceptably fine for me (and also fine for others either).

Although I like studying CRM, I found it difficult because it was more related with marketing (and I got only B+ for Marketing course last trimester), which I am not expertise in.

On the contrary, with PM, apart from liking the course and content, I also believed that I was good at it because I got quite good scores from quizes and workshop.

What happened to me while I was taking the PM exam was as follows.

  • I spent too much time on producing Gantt Chart;
  • I did not read through the details given well enough, so I missed some information; while other friends did not;
  • I did not manage my time well, so I did not other parts well either; and
  • I spent my last 15 minutes answering 22-point questions, while I did not even know how many scores I would get for 2-hour Gantt Chart.

S i g h . .. . .. . .. . … . . .. ..

I complaint about the exam a lot after leaving the exam room.

  • I did not think the time given was enough for the content in the exam.
  • I blamed on the exam style.
  • I blamed the unorganisation of the information provided, which consumed a lot of time reading and re-reading.

Thinking about that, I now realised that it was something to challenge me whether I could manage my time or not. And I just could not.

I could not manage time, and felt even more stressed when I faced the time pressure. I forgot many points and I seemed to make all wrong.

So now, I am really stressed. I will not get A for sure!! B+? B? or C?



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