Gratitude to Being Here Today*

Sunday, 9 September 2007 § Leave a comment

Although spending all days at my university today, I still have something and somebody to thank to.

  1. June, my friend at uni, who warned me not to crack my finger joints in order not to enlarge my knuckles.
  2. Priw, my friend, for caring and asking me if I was angry with her regarding her diary of not saying something that may hurt someone (and yes, I was).
  3. My friends (P’New, Priw, June and Pol) for being patient with me when I was very moody and kept quiet, which influenced the atmosphere of the meeting.
  4. The restaurant, Rasabiang, for making my lunch a great one.
  5. Tri, for saying ‘waddee krap’ to me. This makes me feel that I made the right decision of unblocking him in MSN. Once he saw me online, he greeted me. Thanks a lot.
  6. Jack, for being around and always saying hello to me.
  7. K. Rath, an online friend, who helped me find the word ‘crack joints’ or ‘หักนิ้ว’ in Thai.
  8. Everyone on the road that did not do anything that caused me to hit them.
  9. CMMU students who joined the petition. They encouraged me and urged me to realise that I should not keep quiet to accept whatever others indirectly forced me to accept. Fight for our rights and better lives!

Thank you for today.


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