Just to Remember*

Saturday, 15 September 2007 § Leave a comment

It has been almost 2 years from the break-up day (that was the new year day in 2006), but I still have him in my heart.

I do not think I leave any space for somebody else, even though I realise that he left me and would never come back. I know.

After that hurt day and he went back to NZ, we had a chance to talk twice this year (just this year, not in 2006). And, always, after the talks, I would miss him a lot and look forward to talking to him again.

Why do I forget that he left me and he may have someone else? He must have someone else for sure, esp the lady in Chiang Mai, I am sure. The lady, Suttiluck, is very cute, I must admit. I cannot beat her.

Anyway, why do I need to beat her? Though I can beat her, he may still not like me because of many reasons.

He raised the point that we were too far apart and the distance caused the break-up. However, with the lady, he did not worry about the distance.

That proves something, right?

‘Stop your feeling,’ I always try to tell myself to stop thinking about him.

I can keep him in my heart, but do not expect to have a nice chat all the time. It is impossible! It is non-sense. He will not come back.. He won’t!!

Remember him just in your heart.
Don’t feel hurt. It passed.
Happy to thinking about him.
That is more than enough.


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