Mind Happiness*

Monday, 17 September 2007 § Leave a comment

Just this morning, I could think of what I should call ‘mind happiness.’

What is the mind happiness? How can you tell whether you own your mind happiness?

Here you go.

  • You are happy deep down from the bottom of your heart.
  • The happiness that you keep in a chest within your heart where you can open and feel of it anytime.
  • The happiness that no matter when you think of it, it is still there for you.
  • It is something that makes you smile and remind you of the happiness in your life.
  • It is a treasure for which you do not have to spend much time or long journey to search, but it is in you and your heart.
  • It is what you see when you close your eyes.
  • It will never leave you.
  • It will always be with you and keep you strong.
  • It will comfort you from whatever hurtful sorrows.
  • It is immortal.
  • You will hardly tell how you feel, either sad or happy, while you are thinking of the mind happiness.
  • You may regret that you can only have such happiness in mind, but not in real life or not now.
  • You may be thankful to have such mind happiness to keep you alive, and keep you blood flowing in your heart.

As long as you still have a chest for your mind happiness, you are still alive with happiness.

Keep the treasure and be the happy master!


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