Thursday, 27 September 2007 § 1 Comment

Oh, well..
Oh, well.

Here I am again. This kind of feelings comes back again. It tells me that perhaps I made the wrong decision.

Is it really right that I chose to stay here and work here? Is it really OK?

‘Yes, it is. You need some more months to finish your study before you will decide to move on,’ a part of my heart and brain says so.

‘Maybe not, maybe I should have taken a risk of trying the new company I got a confirmation of employment. And also the management trainee job that asked me for an interview. That was to get 3 out of 7 candidates.’

(I am feeling I have talked about this before somehow.)

The difficulties for me these days are that I am assigned to do some different tasks and responsibilities without any proper job descriptions and directions. Although I can handle multi tasks but when all of them happen to be urgent at the exactly same time, I feel like dying!

  • I do things that somebody does not want to handle and, to be exact, totally ignore.
  • I have to do some unimportant and small things that those who prefer significant issues neglect.
  • I do things I am not sure if I like to spend the rest of my life with.
  • I cannot see a clear direction and path of my working life for now and, especially, from here.
  • I am wondering if I am really happy working here.

What am I doing here?



I keep wondering.



All in all, take some time to think about my future. Then, I see it is only some more months and I should be able to step forward to somewhere else, maybe.


§ One Response to Lack*

  • tuleedin says:

    so do i
    wonder what am i doing here in this world ?
    right after i’ve got answer.
    i live my life,
    there’s no forward or backward,
    no boss no employee no companies
    just ‘life’
    and my belove job

    -whisper from begining-

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