Tweets with Spaz*

Saturday, 13 October 2007 § Leave a comment


Spaz-qs_normal spaz I am releasing an update today that should fix the error messages you’re seeing in Spaz. Snitter is a great app too, though! about 18 hours ago

me: just realised that i’m in your ‘following’ list. so i can send my comments on spaz here? and thanks for the dm re the new released version. about 18 hours ago

Spaz-qs_normal spaz yes, you can certainly contact me either via reply or dm about Spaz here. about 16 hours ago

me: just recalled one thing. i think spaz doesn’t support ‘thai font’ :) i’m from thailand, btw. fyi. about 7 hours ago

Spaz-qs_normal spaz It’s a known issue with AIR HTML apps that non-US English keyboards aren’t supported properly, unfortunately. about 5 hours ago

me: hmmm.. tweetr support both reading and typing in thai though (snitter supports reading but not typing). about 4 hours ago

Spaz-qs_normal spaz That’s because Tweetr is written in Flex/Flash, and Snitter is an HTML app (like Spaz). As I said, it’s an issue with AIR *HTML* apps. about 4 hours ago

me: i see.. thanks :) sorry, i dont have much knowledge abt software for developers though. :p about 4 hours ago

Spaz-qs_normal spaz 8) it’s okay. You can’t tell if you’re just using the apps. I’d rather people ask than just assume it’s a bug with Spaz. about 4 hours ago


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