Because of Some Friends*

Wednesday, 31 October 2007 § Leave a comment

Thanks to some friends who made me realise that there is nobody in this world would beat my mum in the way she gives loves, cares, and everything to me.

Some people, in their teens, would give cares, loves, and trusts to their friends more than their families.

Whatever friends say, that is the right thing to follow.

Whatever their families tell them, that is a rule and frame that they (think) are forced to do.

No matter how picky and querulous my mum is sometimes, she is the person who cares and loves me the most EVER!

My mum would never ever let me stand at the footpath at 2230hrs–surrounded by some cabs and drivers–for over 10 minutes just because I unintentionally hung up the phone too quickly when she tried to tell me where I should wait for her. Instead, she would call again and complain a bit that I hung up too fast without listening to her. She would never let me standing among those male drivers at that time.

In the other way around, a friend called me and I hung up too fast unintentionally when she tried to tell me where she wanted me to wait. I then waited for her at the footpath in front of the place thinking that she was on the way here (did not think that she was here). Over 10 cabs were around with some drivers and that was over 2200hrs.

Around 10 minutes after, she called and said that she had arrived since she called me the first time, but she meant to tease me by having me waiting like that because I did hang up the phone too fast without listening to her.

She did not even imagine how dangerous it was being outside with all those cabs around. She was not even close to me, but far farward where I was not in her sight. She could not see if there was anything happening to me! She could not and she let me over there.

My another friend’s and my ice-cream was melting while waiting for her since I had to carry both cups and had no chance to try it!

Almost out of control that night. Luckily, what I did was just stop talking and keep quiet. Otherwise, I might have thrown the ice-cream away and taken a cab back to my car at the university myself.

Who cares..


Love you, Mum.


I have to appreciate that the friend even made me know more the level of my mum’s loves and cares.



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