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Sunday, 11 November 2007 § Leave a comment

After reading The 7 deadly sins of instant messaging from 43 Folders, I found that some of time has been partly spent on IM. Thus, I decided to turn off my MSN and Skype right away.

I still have Gtalk online because I send tweets through Gtalk sometimes.

Although IM does not normally consume much of my time, I reckon that having it offline would help me be more concentrated on what I am doing.

Next step I would try is that to limit my time on all websites, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Bloglines, etc, I like surfing around.

The activites on the mentioned sites consume my time more than IM actually.

Anyway, without MSN/ Skype on, I feel that I do not have to worry, wonder, and keep looking at the chat programmes whether my friends or those I expect are online.

Why do I have to expect someone to online? I do not know :p




An hour after I sent this post, I found out that my MSN and Skype were online without showing themselves in my system tray (so I did not see them). I realised this when a friend from MSN said hello..

Hahaa.. OK.

I changed the settings of both MSN and Skype not to be automatically logged in, so that they are under my control.. Hehee.


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