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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 § Leave a comment

One mistake being annoying me during these several months is that the words ‘and’ in the company’s affivadit that happened because I made a typo.

That would look very simple if I could just change from ‘and’ to ‘or’ right away, or if it did not affect anything in regards to the company’s business.

On the contrary,  the misprint was with the authorised signatory of the company where it should have been that only one person out of all has an authorisation. Instead of having ‘or,’ the affidavit contains the word ‘and’ between two names of the company’s directors.

The impact is that both of them have to sign all documents together, while only either one should have been doing that. That wastes their time, including those who prepare documents.

I am really sorry for that and upset for a long while.

Even more complicatedly, to change the authorised signatory, I need to get one of the CEO’s from UK to sign off the documents submitted to the DBD.  And they do not visit Thailand that often, but normally, twice a year, with 3-4 days each time.

Moreover, since the CEO’s from UK are not working in Thailand and they have no work permit, the signature must be certified by a lawyer who is a member of The Thai Bar that the signature is genuine. Or to be exact, the director has to sign the documents in front of the lawyer, and the lawyer certifies the signature; when the director does not want to go to the DBD to sign the documents in front of an officer.

Not only that, to change the authorised signatory, there should be a meeting held up among shareholders, or what it is technically called AGM or EGM. The minutes of the meeting should include the resolution of change director’s authorised signatory, blah, blah, blah..

Besides, the officer(s) there was so strict with wordings in the documents that sometimes the same person tells different things. For example, last time I went there, the details in the documents were ‘ABCDE,’ and there was no change this time; she asked me to go back and amend! T_T” Lack of standard, somehow.


Anyways……….. PHewWwwwwWWww! It’s gone!


After I failed getting this done last time Sandy (a CEO) was here, I successfully completed this task this late afternoon. Very relieved and feel like I have more focuses to something else now. Nothing to worry.





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