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When asking for any security deposit back from a company or service provider, would I accept that my credit card has been credited when there is no proof?



And would Nikki accept that her credit card has been credited when there is no proof?

I do not think so.


It is not $100, but $1,000! If I were a customer, I would shout at the rep from the provider, and would not leave this office till I had an evidence to prove that my money had been returned to my account.

How come Nikki left me and did not even try to forward me the receipt (which showed that the amount had been refunded)? I even asked her to take a photo of the receipt. She laughed and said the customer would have to wait till tomorrow.

Ha! If you were a customer, would you Nikki? Kid!

Thinking that the money would be automatically transferred to the customer’s credit card right away (and Nikki said so), I just went to talk to the customer and asked him to check with his card provider; while Nikki was leaving for home.

And it turned out that the card provider could not see any credited amount in the customer’s account yet!

D a r n . . . .  


Wish I could go home now.. Moody!


  • Transfers to and from a credit card/ bank might not be done right way. Normally, it takes a daily process. For this case, the transaction would be done through the system around midnight.
  • Don’t let Nikki go until the job is successfully done. Otherwise, she will not be contactable at all. No matter how often I call or text, she will just keep quiet without any returning calls.
  • I should not allow or favour any customer with the credit card application anymore. Actually, the credit card application is not for Thailand, but Australia. And when it happens in Australia, it is out of my control (I cannot control the machine, as well as people’s minds and behaviours). Unlucky for the coming customers. No more credit card application from me ever!


P.S. Anyway, this customer is also quite picky and always wants this and that in his way. When he came for renting the phone, it was like he did not read what I had emailed to him.

He came and started asking everything again. I spent over 2 hours with him. And when he came, he said he did not have $1,500 to pay in cash, and if it was possible to use his credit card. I favoured him and tried to get everything in the ways he wanted.. and now.. problem.. ! Duh! 

Next time, I would let all customers now that credit card use is not possible here. Customers have to ensure they have enough cash or can transfer the amount to our bank account.


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