Failure with Rules*

Friday, 29 February 2008 § Leave a comment

Why I am so careless!?

When going to the Department of Business Developement (DBD), I have never been there once and got things done, but at least, twice. Why so?

Very disappointed, huh?

I do not understand why I have to be such a careless person who could not just get things done at the first time I go there. Why there always is the second time!? Why? Why?


This is the third thing I have to deal with DBD, and I am still unable to do this as smooth as I want to.

I always have a problem working with and under too many rules and regulations, as well as always feel uncomfortable being in a strict environment.

Too many rules can make me bored. I need FLEXIBILITY and ADAPTABILITY ENVIRONMENT!



I know I would not want to work for any government sector if that is not the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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