Thursday, 6 March 2008 § Leave a comment

Finally, I got the change of the affidavit done at the DBD. Phew…

I should have done since last week if I did not put the wrong description on the Power of Attorney (POA).. I was careless again. I read it before I asked my British boss (who came to Thailand only on 25th Feb) to sign, but I did not notice that I missed something.

And.. yea, I had missed something and my application of the change was rejected by a DBD officer.

And that is unacceptable for me who had done this kind of processes before.. Boo!


The problem is about the regulation that a company has to notify the DBD by 14 days after the meeting of the shareholders of a director’s resignation approval. The date I set was 22nd Feb, and as such, the last day for submitting the notification is today!

That caused me to rush.

Unfortunately, my lady boss was still on her travelling trip to all of branches, and would be back to UK on Friday (which would be too late). Thus, she had not got time to look at my e-mail asking her to re-sign the POA and post it back to me (sent last Friday).

At the end of the day, however, I finally found my way out to get the signature on the amended POA. It took me the whole day today to get that done.

I would have died crying if I could not submit the application to the DBD today successfully.

Yea.. I did successfully complete this task.. eventually.

Very exhausted today, really….


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