Too Much*

Friday, 18 April 2008 § Leave a comment

Two customers came in together today to test a SIM card. They cannot be called a potential or profitable one because they are interested in airtime and will be using it for a few days as a demo for their customers.

I always feel comfortable and am willing to serve any customers who talk nice and don’t act like shit, and one of them seemed nice when we talked on the phone.

When they came, we went on with the demo before we talked more about the pricing and proper packages for his usage requirement.

Finally, since the prepaid packages do not allow any ‘streaming’ service, while the postpaid package would cost a lot and 12-month contract is required; I could offer him a loan on our own demo and we charge them back with the minutes and MB used later.

I think this would be the best thing I have ever done for a customer because they have never bought anything from us. I just thought that it was good that they had a chance to try it and we had no costs, so why not?

After they knew they could borrow the demo card, they said they wanted one more. OK, my colleague was also nice and said that we had one in Singapore. We sorted it out and we could borrown that, and it should be able to be shipped next week.

However, they did not know the word ENOUGH. They told my colleague that they wanted to borrown our terminal as well. Once I heard, I at once said TOO MUCH. THAT WAS TOO MUCH, PEOPLE!

I walked to talk to them right away that borrowing our terminal was not possible. That they could borrow our demo card and would not have to pay for the activation and monly fee was really too much. And what.. one of them still said..

‘So, I will have only one terminal for testing.’

‘OK then. You will need only one SIM card.’ I turned away right after the full stop. But I recalled that I should have said goodbye to him and asked when they wanted to come and get the card.

‘OK, so that’s it.’ My face was like the other way around from the first time I met them last hour, surely. ‘Good bye.’

(I will be happy if this will not be successful…. I do not want this kind of customers.)


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