Monday, 20 October 2008 § Leave a comment

Again, a receptionist is resigning. She has not completed a year with this company yet.

Not only at my company, my friend’s company also has the same problem, that is, receptionists cannot work for a long time.

I do not expect them to work for five years, but two years would be enough before they continue their jobs with better positions somewhere else. I fully understand the career paths that everybody is looking forward to. However, one single year is unacceptable. 

I am exhausted in getting and training new people every single year.

“Do we really need a receptionist?”

“Yes, we do.”

The answer from my boss made me even sicker and almost bang my head on my desk at that time. (I am not joking!)

Are there any statistics or researches about why receptionists cannot work for long?

Understand that..

  • The tasks of a receptionist are boring.
  • Documentation is something a receptionist should be able to handle as well, and it is totally boring (for me).
  • A receptionist in a company possibly has no career path. Nobody wants to be a receptionist forever!
  • I also assign more administrative tasks to a receptionist, so that she learns more and is able to use the experiences for the next career path. (I actually expected the resigning one to be promoted to a staff in our Support Team if her English skills had been improved a bit more.)
  • Maybe, I should look for someone who is studying or plans to study another degree, so that s/he (preferrably she) will stay with us longer, at least until she finishes her study.
  • So and so..

Don’t understand that..

  • Why does a 40-people company need a receptionist?
  • Why can’t everyone pick up their own phone calls?
  • Why can’t everone let others know their extension numbers?
  • Why does somebody not pick up a phone call at their desks while the phone is ringing?
  • So and so..

This fast changing starts to be like a (weather) season of a year that happens at one time in a year.

And.. it makes me sick!~~


P.S. Perhaps, I should go back home and review my handouts about Employee Selection. I might be able to come up with better criteria for choosing a new receptionist. I got S* (highly satisfactory) for this class when I studied the Innovation Management programme ;p


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